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  • House Foundation
  • Driveways
  • Patios
  • Sidewalks


  • Roadways
  • Paving

Concrete Blocks

  • Stack and Interlock
  • 2'x2'x4' 2150 lbs
  • 2.5'x1.5'x5' 2520 lbs
  • 1'x1.5'x5' 1050 lbs

Cattleguard Seals

  • 8' long 1900 lbs
  • 10' long 2375 lbs

All Types of Mix Designs

  • Standard Mixes
  • Special Aggregate
  • Color 

CU-Structural Soil

 CU-Soil® is intended for paved sites to provide adequate soil volumes for tree roots under pavements. It may be used under pedestrian mall paving, sidewalks, planting islands, and parking lots. CU-Soil® is an innovative medium installed under pavement that improves street tree vigor and prevents sidewalk failure, frequent pavement repair, virtually eliminates tripping lawsuits, and greatly reduces the replacement of dead trees every 7–10 years.